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Pastor Marlow has certainly been busy since coming on board as Lead Pastor for Freedom in Christ Prison Ministry last February!  He has been through an intensive prison training program, volunteer training with the prison, and training at church-wide in Chicago. He most recently attended a Prison Congregations of America conference for prison pastors in Racine, WI, and he will travel to Chicago to attend a church-wide training conference in the next week.  He has made numerous contacts with congregations, community churches, organizations, and individuals, along with presenting at four Lutheran congregations throughout the state.  He also attended the recent State Employee’s Capital Giving Campaign’s kick-off at the Capitol building in Helena, Montana the end of September. 

The prison has also increased his time inside with three Bible studies and three worship services, two at the Religious Activities Center and one at the Work Dorm, along with three worship services one Sunday a month. He also does numerous one-on-one pastoral visits with the men.

He is in the prison three days a week - Tuesdays through Thursdays - leaving three days to travel and visit with communities and congregations, attend meetings, make contacts, etc.  

Way to go, Pastor Marlow!