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We, at Freedom in Christ, are committed to faithfully serving our men and women incarcerated throughout Montana.  But it costs money to pay our pastor and staff to provide these programs to the least of our brothers and sisters, and we find ourselves $40,000 short of meeting our budget this year. We can’t
accomplish our commitments without YOU, our faithful supporters.

Freedom in Christ offers self-worth, a new path to walk, inclusion, and most importantly:
HOPE, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS through Jesus Christ. 

     According to America First Policy Institute, participation in religious programs can promote feelings of hope and self-worth, thus “increasing the likelihood that a person after release can cope with stresses and strains without the use of crime, drugs or alcohol.”

     We thank you for your prayers and support, and truly hope that you will join us in meeting our budget for this year. Without you, we will not be able to continue our mission and commitment to the incarcerated in Montana.


Rev. Marlow Carrels, Lead Pastor 


Bea Rosenleaf, Executive Director