Share in Our Success

Stories about some of our guys

Jess* is a lifer who made a reputation for himself as a litigator, and is often introduced as a trouble-maker because of it. As an outsider, a Wiccan, Jess always maintained he was a follower of Christ. He began visiting Pastor Rob and praying several years ago. After successfully litigating some policy changes tht resulted in more freedom for inmates to explore other faiths, he officially changed his religious preference from Wiccan to Christian, and became a regular participant in the life of Freedom in Christ. He expressed his intent to devote the effort previously spent in legal research and litigation to getting a college degrees in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Couseling, and to work as permitted, with alcoholics and addicts. He credits his participation in the worshiping community of Freedom in Christ with his understandin of what a worshiping community really looks like.

*Name changed to protect identy.

Dale* was portrayed as a trouble-maker, a sexual predator, and a master manipulator. While he is parole-eligible soon, having served almost two decades, his health makes it questionable whether he will live to see freedom. He is very active in the life of Freedom in Christ, and has been since the beginning. He was directly responsible for two of the three men mentioned in other testimonials getting in contact with Pastor Rob. He said that this living out what he felt was God calling him to prison ministry when he was first arrested over 30 years ago.

* Name changed to protect identity.

Brett* is now a part of a worshiping community in California. He completed his Hi-Set (GED) and enrolled in college in Seattle, whe he moved, with the support of his parole officer. He recidivated (returned to prison) in the past, but did not have a worshiping community to support his before. This time he has a support system in place to help him.

*Named changed to protect identity.
Reducing Recidivism and Teaching a Faith Path

We are limited in the amount of information we can share about our guys due to prison regulations. We try to share what we can about our successes, but we also need to be mindful to the privacy of our guys. Even though we do not have hard statistics to show, we are successful in helping to lead our guys to a life of faith and success. We have operated in the Montana State Prison for ten years and the recidivism of our guys is low, which coincides with statistics showing that faith ministries inside prisons (and re-entry programs) reduce the return to prison by 80%.

That's good news! That's why we do what we do!