We are excited to announce that Freedom in Christ Prison Ministry is now open and ready for visitors to begin worshipping with the men at Montana State Prison! We have several opportunities to come and worship, or join in a Bible Study.  A schedule of days and times is listed at the bottom of this article.

Freedom in Christ is allowed up to 12 visitors at any one event.  So gather up folks from your congregation or community and come worship with us!  There may be times that worship services will have folks from different areas of our Synod – how exciting is that to be able to worship with brothers and sisters from various areas?

There are a few things you need to do before being able to come to the prison to join in worship and fellowship.

  1. A Volunteer Information Form must be completed and sent to Freedom in Christ.
  2. Call or email Pastor Rob or Bea to schedule your visitation date
  3. Attend a short training and prayer service with Pastor Rob before proceeding to the prison.

All volunteers entering the prison must be able to pass a criminal background check, which is performed by prison officials.

There are many volunteer opportunities that we have identified in the Volunteer Opportunties document. If there is something we haven’t identified that you think you would like to do, and it’s something the prison will allow, please let us know your idea!  You can find the document at the following link:

Volunteer Opportunities

And as with most things in life, we have procedures we must follow, too!  Here’s a document outlining those procedures:

Volunteer Procedures

Currently there are two types of volunteers that come into the prison. One is a casual visitor. With this type of volunteer the training isn’t as intense, and visitation is limited to once every calendar quarter.  This visitor can attend worship services or Bible study with the men on an occasional basis.

The second type of volunteer is one who receives training provided by MSP (Montana State Prison). This volunteer can come and worship or attend Bible study on a more regular basis.

Only you can decide which type of volunteering opportunity would fit best for you. If you would like to discuss it, Pastor Rob is available to visit with you via telephone or email.  You can email Freedom in Christ and Bea will forward your information to Pastor Rob.

We also have other volunteer opportunities that do not center around the prison, which you can read about in the Opportunities document.

Currently we have the following times available for visitors to come to MSP:

Mondays – 6:30pm  Bible Study; Religious Activities Center
Wednesdays – 6:30pm  Worship Service; Religious Activities Center
1st Sundays of the month – 12:30pm Worship Service: Work Dorm

We can’t wait to have you come worship with us and share in God’s abundant grace and love!

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