Join our Circle!

Become a financial partner with us through our Circle of Freedom. Your financial support helps keep the worshiping community at Montana State Prison (MSP) for men in Deer Lodge alive and well. Funds also help us develop other ministry programs such as re-entry help for inmates getting ready to re-enter society.

The circle is the most common symbol in the world. It represents eternity, completion, unity, the universe and perfection. The circle, for Freedom in Christ, represents the beginning of a worshiping community at the Montana State Prison (MSP) and the unending presence (eternity) of Jesus Christ and his influence in the lives of people at MSP. It represents completion of establishing the new worshiping community at MSP and our ability to continue to develop new ministry opportunities. It represents the unending ability to seek acceptance and grace through Jesus Christ in a place that doesn’t always show kindness, love and grace. It can’t get any nearer to perfection than that!

All of this is accomplished through your generous giving to Freedom in Christ. You are our Circle of Freedom. You are our grace in unexpected places!

As you consider your year-end giving, or your new year giving, or just want to give a one-time gift, we invite you to consider giving to Freedom in Christ. We know that God is at work in the lives of prisoners. We see it and we hear about it. Prisoners have told us over and over they are thankful to God that they are in prison. Thankful to God because the life they were living was “killing” them. Now in prison, they have a chance to make positive changes in their lives. We want to support them and be able to lead them in making those grace-full changes through providing them with their own congregation and pastor.

Join our Circle today and become a part of an exciting ministry!

Your financial gift in support of this important ministry is so appreciated. Your gift is used to continue bringing the Good News and healing powers of Jesus Christ to the men, staff and their families at Montana State Prison. May God bless you!

By becoming a Sustaining Member you help us in our annual budget planning. Knowing that your donation will be re-occurring, whether it be once a year, once a month, once every two months…or whenever, helps us know what we can plan for in revenues for upcoming budgets. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member. You can download the Covenant form (COVENANT) outlining the type of support you are interested in and mailing it to Freedom in Christ, PO Box 617, Anaconda, MT  59711.  If you would like to set up an automatic withdrawal to FiC, you may do that, too!  The following are several ways in which you can set that up.

We provide several options for your giving:

    • PayPal button here on the website (one-time payments or re-occurring payments)
    • Automatic Withdrawal by Vanco Services (re-occurring payments)
    • Thrivent Choice Program (re-occurring and one time)
    • State Employees’ Charitable Giving Program (Organization Code: 5423)
    • Print a donor card and mail it with your check to the address on the card. (Donor Card)
    • AmazonSmile – Do you shop often on  Check out their charitable giving program. All you need to do is choose us as your charitable organization, and then will donate .05% of your qualified purchases to Freedom in Christ. It costs you nothing extra.  Pretty awesome!

Please note:  If you write a check, please note that federal regulations governing financial institutions required all checks must be made out specifically to the Freedom in Christ Prison Ministry.

Thank you for your support, and your prayers!





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