I recently read the following article written by Sue Brage, editor of Church Volunteer Daily. Each day her uplifting and inspiring stories, and helpful tips, arrive in my inbox. This article struck close to home and I felt the need to share it.  The article is about change and trusting in God. It’s a rather timely piece of reading that arrived in my inbox yesterday! It’s almost as if “Someone” was trying to tell me something!

What the Trapeze Can Teach Us About Faith and Change

This picture teaches us everything we need to know about walking with God. And about change. 

  1. You let go. 
  2. You hang in mid-air.
  3. You grab hold of a new direction. 

It’s step two that scares us. At least for me, this is the hardest part of change. The not knowing, what we call being in “limbo.” But then, just as surely as the trapeze artist grabs the bar, God’s promises grab hold of us and off we go in a new direction. In that in-between, we must believe God’s promises to us and His purpose for us. That he will be faithful to bring the bar close enough for us to grab onto before we fall. 

Maybe you feel like you are hanging in mid-air today, I pray Hebrews 10:23 will encourage you: “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”

Freedom in Christ is definitely facing the winds of change right now.  We finally hired a pastor and now we can begin the process of establishing the congregation at Montana State Prison, and schedule our first long await worship service! This is what the Task Force has worked so hard for during the past four years.  The last four years the Task Force spent organizing, communicating, searching for funds to help sustain a congregation and pay the pastor, establishing a network of friends and supporters and searching for a pastor. Now the job of the Task Force is near completion and we face the questions of: “What now? Where do we go from here? Will we keep the same name for the congregation? How are we going to organize the governing body structure?” And the questions go on.

Now it is about facing the unknown again, learning new things, setting up a new church congregation and a new church council. Tasks change. Jobs change.  Learning to trust that God knows what we need and letting go of the old familiar order to let the new order in. Have we let go yet? Perhaps a little bit. But we’re still in mid-air. We must learn to let go, trust in God and let Him lead the way in the changes we are about to make. Are we ready to face these changes?

On March 15th, the Task Force will meet to begin facing these winds of change, letting go of the old and begin to go in a brand new and exciting direction. Grab hold we will! Changes we will make, because it’s for the new congregation. The congregation the Task Force worked so hard to establish these past few years. And it’s for the prisoners and staff at Montana State Prison. Embrace change! Yes! We will!

We hope that you will join us as we begin this new chapter in the creation of the congregation at Montana State Prison. We will need you to help us. We’re sure the road is going to be full of ruts and bumps, but working together, and with God at the helm, we have nothing to worry about!  After all, it’s about Faith!

Bea Rosenleaf
Project Administrator



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